2009 Reflection ... Happy New Year

It's been an awesome year.  So much has changed in a year.  I remember a year ago feeling a little uncertain about 2009 -- the economy was taking a dive and it seemed like everything was going to hell in a handbasket.  Then a new year, goals, fantastic support and a great attitude turned that all around.  I just plunged in...and sometimes that's just what you have to do: go FOR it.

2009 brought me a series of blessings -- a new job, a marriage to a great man I look forward to growing old with, a new home with gazillions of projects to do, 2 full marathons in London and Chicago with 3 personal bests... it's been a real banner of a year.

It didn't come without loss.  I did lose some important people in my life but life is one big damn marathon.  Some miles are good, and some not so good.  This year's 'run' comes to a close and two words come to mind:  blessed and grateful.  I have met new people, tried new experiences, reconnected with old friends, and shed a toxic one.  In the end, this finish only opens more opportunities for another year...another run...

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing...reflect and remember...make the most of every day.  Make them all count.  We're only given one shot at this thing called life...and by God I'm loving it every day.

To your health...happiness and best wishes for a great "run" in 2010...


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