Defining Special...

How do you define special?

When I think of 'special', I think about the differences and unique traits that a person, event, place or thing brings to the experience. 

A special person:  my husband.  He's a strong, loyal, dependable man who has an incredible sense of humor.  He makes me laugh at him and myself.  We are different in dynamic ways and similiar in great ways.  He's organized, very efficient, structured, analytical and direct.  I love that he understands me, values competence and confidence.

A special event:  my first marathon. It was unknown and challenging.  Along the way I was encouraged by strangers despite running the streets of a familiar place.  I finished feeling especially accomplished  It forever changed my perception about my ability push my physical limits.  God blessed me with last place in every sport growing London was special for me.

A special place: my blog.  I love to express myself.  You all know I'm one to provide my opinion and get my energy from the outer world.  I love that I can talk to myself or anyone who may be listening.  It's refreshing and I come up with some of the best thoughts when I blog and share what I'm thinking.

What makes your life special?  How do you define it?  It looks different to each of us.  That's the beauty.  YOU are what you imagine, think, create and define. 

That's pretty damn special...

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