Let it snow ...

What a beautiful day.  Mark's on his way home from Italy via Paris and Philadelphia...and Houston saw the earliest snow in its history.  It was fun reading about it today on Facebook to see all the pictures of kids and friends enjoying this rare treat...8 hours of continous white stuff!

There's something very calm and soothing about snow falling.  I lived in Scandinavia in 2008 for a short term international assignment.  It was cold and dreary most of the time I was there but what I do remember was how uplifting a good snow fall would be for me.  We worked very long and hard those days so seeing the snow was a relief and comfort.  In fact I remember I had to go between two buildings and that short walk between the two were the moments I cherished the most.

It was also a nice reminder that nothing beats the Texas sunshine -- especially on I-10 with my convertible top down cruising at 65.  I never thought I'd ever miss Houston --- but I'd sit in flat and think about it all the time.

I guess its true -- we appreciate things that we don't have much of.  For me, I appreciate it all.

To your success and let it SNOW baby!!! 

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