Tapping Your Passions

Everyone has gifts, talents and passions to share with the world.  The key is connecting to yourself and making them available to enrich your life at home and the office.  The key to finding them is first and foremost, believing in yourself.  Self worth and confidence are the roots of all fitness levels - emotional, physical and spritual.  Feeling good on the inside is the fuel to making your passions real.

Why do humans find themselves drawn to the very things they don't do well?  Is it because mankind is constantly struggling to become perfect? Is it the quest to overcome weakeness?  Perhaps.  I find so many people in life focus on what they don't have rather than putting their best attributes forward.  And it certainly doesn't help we live in a media-rich society that tries its very best to represent what it thinks is "successful, happy, rewarding, enriching" and so on...

3 Simple Steps to Tapping Your Passions

1.  Believe in you.  No one else can do that for you. 

2.  Focus on your best attributes.  What do you like to do?  Do those things!   

3.  Create a sustainable environment for your passions to thrive.  Do your friends and family member encourage and support your interests? desires? achievements?  If not, find people who do! 

We are all blessed with unique talents.  Picasso had a knack for painting.  Bill Gates became a technology mongul.   Madonna has her music and Mark McGwire has baseball. Don't forget the countless unsung people and heroes who do amazing things every day....they are all tapping into their passions.

What are you doing to tap into yours?

To your health,


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