Coaching for Excellence

I deal with leaders of all kinds on a daily basis -- men, women, old, young, American, British, Dutch, Pakistani, Indian, Malaysia, African....  My job is a hodge podge of everything.  The best part is the role I play as a coach.  What does that mean exactly?  I'm asked to help others see themselves differently and coach them to become the best leaders they can be.  It's a neat job because its a lesson that everyone, regardless of rank, role, or pay has a place to learn.

Coaching is fun -- receiving it is more enjoyable than giving it actually.  Coaching takes practice and it requires high EQ (emotional intelligence).  Both parties need to be sufficiently comfortable to give/receive feedback objectively and leave the ego at the door.  The challenge I find I come across in everyday life is that not everyone is aware of their actions and behaviors.  It takes a great deal of humility, patience, understanding and willingness to step outside your comfort zone to be real.  But real people are the best kind.

I hired my professional / personal coach in 2002.  She's one of the best people I've ever come to know.  Coaches give you great perspectives...teach you things your parents wouldn't or couldn't and are worth every cent spent!

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