Setting Boundaries -- The ABCs

One of the most important things in life is knowing your limits and setting personal boundaries.   There's nothing more liberating than to draw a line in the sand and make it very clear what you believe are your values. 

What are YOUR values?

Mine are simple as A, B and C...

Agility and Authenticity-- Agility is knowing when you have to adjust your sails to accomodate for the change in the wind and getting on with the business of your journey.    Authenticity is about being REAL, knowing how to connect with others and having genuine compassion for the human spirit.  Authenticity commands trust, friendship, love and a true attractiveness. 

Balance  - Balance is one of the most challenging things we face as humans.  As a woman with a very demanding career, I find myself spending a lot time focused on this.  Balance is finding that line between cozy and hostile, soft and hard, not enough and too much.  Those who can find inner balance and peace are able to juggle life's ups and downs. 

Confidence and Courage -- Confidence is about having self pride, taking care of yourself emotionally and physically and not fearing how to position yourself or put yourself out there.  Courage is about stretching yourself, going the distance and knowing you'll land on your feet no matter what.   Courage is also about telling it like it is and not having any fear or regrets.

As someone who loves the world around me, I come in to contact with many people.  I am fascinated when I'm able to learn from others so I can become a better person.   Everyone has a place in this world, regardless of how they were raised, educated or how much money or resources they have.   I've sometimes learned more from people who don't have or get these ABCs...they keep me reminded of how blessed I am to know those who do.

To your success...

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