Owning Your Bliss


I have a girlfriend who started a company -- "Own Your Bliss". Samira is a genious! She was unhappy and found herself seeking a better life and decided to start a business that would help people focus and realize their potential to achieve whatever it is they want!


The more I realize how happy I am, the easier I find it to see the unhappiness that exists in people. I suppose it comes with a higher degree of self awareness or a sense of purpose, but when you are truly living the life you want, you can see how others live toxic lives. Greed, jealousy, low self esteem, a lack of self confidence are all contributions to an unhappy life.

But, OYB is a success because Samira had a dream and made it a reality.

We truly are what we eat, hear, breathe, drink and sleep. It's all the power of the mind. If you want something, you can achieve if you believe in yourself. And we all have the CHOICE to be happy. I had an acquantaince recently tell me she "couldn't be happy". Happiness starts from the inside.... it's a CHOICE YOU make!

And let's face it nothing stands in the way of someone with determination, will and a positive attitude.

Own your bliss! Start living....Why not?

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