Changes in Pace ...

Well it's just been too long since I've blogged. Life got very busy after I completed the London Marathon in April. Since, I've been working on my next big project: our wedding and home purchase. That's our new home. It's in Memorial/Nottingham area. We close on July 30.
Meanwhile my house sells a week after the wedding and Mark's is up as we speak. In between all of that we have the wedding!
The best thing about this new place is its a half a block from the Terry Hershey Trail. DROOL...yes I get a playground not only for my legs (lots of room to run or bike) but it makes a nice place to bring the puppy (whenever we get one) and kiddos (whenever that happens!)
So the pace of life right now is a little hectic. Things to do, people to call, preparations to finalize.
Yesterday I was running with my running group in the morning. It was an 8-miler taper run which took us to the Rice area of town. My Garmin 405 watch went out. My Garmin is my best friend on a run because it tells me how fast or slow I'm going. It gives me some sense of pace. Sometimes the bezel/front on the watch gets wet from my sweat (go figure with this heat?!) and it doesn't work. It really annoyed me for about 5 minutes and then I realized I had some ladies running not too far away I could catch and pace with for the rest of the run. So I did just that and it got me through the run.
I know it sounds silly I need a watch to pace me. But think about it in the context of your own life? What paces you? What keeps you moving or slowing down when you need to? Consider finding something. The problem with life is we get caught up, busy or overcommit ourselves. This just runs you into the ground.
Then there are times when you need a swift kick in the ***!
So find a watch, a friend, help you with pace.
Next weekend I'll be in Napa with my pal Janet. We're going to run the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon. My pace? FAST... there will be WINE at the finish line!!

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