They say fear, sex and inspiration sell..

For fear I refer you to your local or global choice of news source: CNN, BBC, Drudge...

And since this is PG rated post, you can google for sex....

How's this for inspiration?

I posted my intent to run the River Thames on my Facebook page because I thought it would be some small entertainment value. That created awareness to a former high school classmate Gia that she and I had something in common: LONDON. She emailed me that she'd be in London for business and wanted to know all the places to go to and see.

After nearly 15 years of not seeing each other, we met up agaiin, in London. Granted, she lives 500 miles from me in Texas but a few strokes of the keyboard via Facebook and seconds later we established a CONNECTION.

Then it happened again. FATE? No. Facebook led me to a dinner date with my pal, Debbie from St Louis. She works for American Airlines and does global account sales. Debbie posted on Facebook 2 days ago that she'd be in London. Well, I'm in London?!?!?

I just returned from dinner. I haven't seen Debbie in 9 years. The Dim Sum was delightful and we were both thrilled to be reconnected again.

So what does this all mean? Well, I believe the forces of new nature (channeled through our social network) created an opportunity for connection. The most logical choice would have been meeting up in Texas where we all 3 live....but we had no original reason.

But our world is about

It proves we're all connected in some way. That's inspiring.

What does is it have to do with my marathon?

Dunno, you tell me!

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