Suffering and Struggle....

It's hard to see so many people suffering today. This modern day recession is something none of us have seen. Unemployment on the rise, debts we've never seen, sickly retirement accounts, market plunges, foreclosures. We've spent year upon year basking the the glory of wealth and prosperity that now society is taking a bump in the road in its effort to self correct.

We did this to ourselves and humans will do things over and over again until they learn.

This downturn is creating "struggle"...and as much as I pain to see it, I know personally that struggle is where we find the real human spirit. Struggle gives us a reason to survive and fight back.

My eating plagued me for years. It was a way for me to keep the pains of my parents divorce from rearing their ugly heads. I was 15 when they decided to part. And there I was with 2 sisters and a load of responsibility to become an adult so fast....taking care of things and dealing with emotions I didn't have the maturity to handle. But...this was my struggle. And I struggled until I decided I had enough. I got tough. I said NO more. And I decided I'd never go back. I threw the kitchen sink and my entire soul into fighting back. And I won and I continue to maintain my new approach because its the best thing for me.

And our great nation, our great world will rise again. It's mile 20 of the marathon when most hit the infamous wall....where people have their greatest need to quit. It's the one time you want to just give up because the pain is SO great you cannot go further. Those people who perservere in this life...and fight with their will and amazing strength... break through the wall and finish strong.

We all have choices to become what we want to be and suffering and struggle are necessary evils of our success.

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