Today I ran at Memorial Park. It was a comfortable pace; I had a lot to think about. I have started a new role and my mind is occupied by everything I need to do. When I run I usually don't think about much since my mind moves plenty when I'm not running. But today it was racing...and it seems my pace picked up the faster my mind was moving!

I'm learning that even though I'm quite the outgoing type, I enjoy periods of solitude where it's just me and my thoughts. This doesn't come natural to me as I usually enjoy the thrill of being around others. But I'm challenging myself to take more time for myself and think before I do things.

So today's run was more focused, more comfortable...even though I had so much on my mind. I hope this means I'll sleep well tonight...since I've got to get up at 4am and begin it all over again tomorrow!

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